Name: God Pickaxe
Price: 35.98 17.99 USD

The God Pickaxe will give you the ability to mine blocks within 0.01 seconds.
With the combination of Efficiency X and a custom effect "Haste III" on the pickaxe,
creates the fastest possible mining speed in Minecraft!

If you have premium, you have "/eRepair" which means you
can repair the God Pickaxe at any time, for absolutely no cost.

The God Pickaxe stats:

Enchantments explained:
Efficiency X:
Level 10 efficiency is not obtainable through vanilla enchants.
Silk Touch
:  You can pick up spawners if you have any of the donator ranks!
Unbreaking X:
Level 10 unbreaking is not obtainable through vanilla enchants!
Haste III:
Permanently have the beacon (haste III) while holding the pickaxe!
Blazingtouch I:
Automatically smelts ores for you!

How fast is the pickaxe? [Click to view video]
How does it auto-smelt ores? [Click to view video]

What are all the ways of obtaining a God Pickaxe?

By reaching the free rank "King/Queen" at /Ranks.
By being lucky and getting it in Mythical Crate.
3) Purchasing it from here (the webstore)