Name: Ultimate
Price: 139.44 99.00

Perks marked as "NEW" has been added or improved from the previous rank!

By purchasing this rank, you will receive the following perks:

• A new Discord role!
• Access to #Donator-Chat!
*NEW* A new in-game prefix!
*NEW* Set UNLIMITED homes! (/sethome)
• Wear items on your head! (/hat)
• Open a trash-bin! (/trash)
• The kitty cannon! (/kittycannon)
*NEW* Open a crafting table menu anywhere! (/Workbench)
• Be able to join if the server is full!
*NEW* Have your 20 own personal vaults (/pv 1-20) It's like backpacks!
Change your nicknames unlimited of times with colors! (/nick)
*NEW* Open your ender-chest anywhere! (/EChest)
Change the weather (for you)  at any time! /pWeather)
*NEW* Feed yourself anytime, no need for food! (/Feed)
Use color codes in chat!
*NEW* Join in on staff projects!
No teleport timers (Teleport instantly)
• Silktouch All Spawners!
*NEW* Instantly teleport on the top block above you, no height limit! (/Top)
Repair armor/tools/weapons for free! (/eRepair) (Notice the "e" infront)
*NEW* Keep all your EXP upon dying!
Keep inventory upon dying!
Fly in all worlds! (/Fly)

This rank is currently on sale!